RAID started out as a sabbatical research project based at the Refugee Studies Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford. RAID's first piece of research, in 1997, examined the human rights impacts of the privatisation of Zambia's state-owned copper mines. 

The pioneering nature of the research, which uncovered secret, unbalanced investment agreements, ineffectual oversight by government bodies, and corporate malpractice during the privatisation of Zambia's state-owned assets, has informed all of RAID's subsequent work, which seeks to clarify the human rights responsibilities of corporations and to develop effective mechanisms for curbing corporate misconduct.

As a result of its investigations, RAID was the first NGO to file a complaint under the revised OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, concerning the conduct of Anglo-American. RAID's work with Zambian NGOs provided a model that has been much emulated by other NGOs.

For more information, download RAID's Fifteenth Anniversary Report